1. tvpartyorchestra:

    Single perspective installation by Georges Rousse

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  2. vaugue:

    Igor Eskinja

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  4. design-is-fine:

    Dadamaino, Disegno ottico dinamico, 1964. Ink on paper, Italy.

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  5. sculpture-center:

    FEATURED ARTIST: Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, You Are Here/Here You Are, 2013. Lath. 7.5ft x 6.5ft x 10in. Photo: Aaron Bailey Photography. Courtesy the artist.

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  7. boyirl:

    Urs Fischer

    You, 2007
    Excavation, gallery space, 1:3 scale replica of main gallery space
    Dimensions variable
    Photo by Ellen Page Wilson

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  8. aestheticgoddess:

    Coloured pencil sculpture by Lionel Bawden

  9. aestheticgoddess:

    "The mind cannot foresee its own advance"

    Artwork by Stellan Kristenson
  10. risottostudio:

    Roy Lichtenstein / study for the great pyramid

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  14. medicine:

    'Sky Study' by Leo Villareal

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  15. gay8:

    Dan Tobin Smith

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